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PTA Program Descriptions

The following is a list and description of the PTA sponsored programs.  Please feel free to contact our volunteer coordinator [email protected] if you would like to help with any of these programs.

Click here for an up to date list of current program needs.

Agenda Books- This chair starts working on Agenda books in the spring for the upcoming school year. The chair works with Administration & Staff to determine if any changes need to be made to the Agenda book for the upcoming school year.  Gather the enrollment numbers from the office staff. Coordinate with the printing company. Compile and email that will become a Connect5 informing parents that the PTA is seeking businesses to sponsor the books. The chair will also deliver the books the to the classrooms.

Apparel Sale: The chairs of this committee work together to pick out Freedom apparel to sell. They work with the PTA board and school Administration for approval of desired designs. The chairs will distribute order forms, collect orders and distribute merchandise when it comes in. They will also work on comparing pricing with 2 or more companies to keep cost low.

Art Works: This program has not been run for a few years. In the past the Chair worked with the Art teacher. The art teacher choose a project for each grade. The chair set up this fundraiser with the Art Works Company. The chair works with teacher to get art works sent in. Parents can order various merchandise with their students art on it(magnet, framed print, bags, shirts etc…)

Back to School Social: The social takes place for an hour following to back to school open house. The open house usually takes place a few days before school starts. Immediately following the open house the families can meet out back to have some refreshments and snacks provided by the PTA. The kids can play as well.  The chair purchases the refreshment and organizes a few volunteers to serve the refreshments. The chair also communicates with Admin and the head custodian about the event, including anything needed (be sure Admin adds date to newsletter, tables, trash bags, signs holder….) A sign in the front of the school is needed to direct families out back to remind them of this event. Can make a poster (with school poster maker-get Admin approval) that Students volunteers can help on this event and earn community service hours.

Before/After School Care Review Committee: One or two chairs work with Administration on this committee. A survey will be put to the parents of students currently enrolled in the before & after care program at FES. The results will be compiled and shared with Admin and the PTA. Other aftercare programs are able to present their programs. A decision based on findings will determine which program will provide care at FES. This evaluation happens every two years. This position can be done from home.

Bingo Fundraiser: This event is currently the PTA’s main spring fundraiser. The Chairs & committee work to pick a location and date with Administration approval. The committee divides up the tasks of, ordering supplies, planning & running concessions, seeking donations and services from various businesses for prizes, coordinating volunteers to help run the actual event, and the assembly of the bingo prizes into prize packages. The Bingo is kid friendly and family affordable.

Birthday Book Program Committee: The chairperson works with 5-8 committee members. They will form a book selection sub-committee that includes librarian/teacher. This is a good option for working parents because we can meet outside of school hours, or they can contribute via email. Other responsibilities include: Book Pricing, Book ordering, Label ordering/printing. Lunch duty to be covered once a month on rotating schedule. Need at least 3 people on lunch duty each month. Members will distribute books and help students with selection. Work on writing labels for covers.

Box Tops This chair and committee organizes and promotes the box top program. The school earns money from collecting Box Tops. The committee sends flyers out to families.  Box Tops are collected in the classrooms and counted by committee members. Once counted in groups of 50 they are mailed in by deadline dates set from Box Tops. The PTA receives a check for amount turned in. The committee usually run a classroom contest twice a year to promote collecting of box tops. The winning classes get a fun party (ex. Popcorn party) it is helpful if some of the committee members are available to come into school occasionally.

Bulletin Board: This volunteer updates the bulletin board periodically during the school year. Committees can hang their current flyers here as well as give the information to the chair to hang.

Campbell’s Labels: Volunteer would collect labels turned in. Towards the end of the year or meeting any Campbell’s program deadline, the volunteer would tally the labels then meet with administration. Administration would decide what merchandise would be ordered with the labels based on the school’s need. The volunteer would arrange to send the labels out. The school would pay for the postage. This position can be done from home.

Cultural Programs: This chair works with the PTA board and school staff to research and choose various cultural programs to enhance the students learning. In years past the PTA has provided 2 programs a year. In 2015-16 the PTA is expanding with 4 programs thanks to a growing PTA. 2014/15 had the following programs: The programs were: Joe Romano: Books! The Magic is Real, Noa Baum, Laser Magic, and Nada Brahma World Music. This position can be done from home.

Dances:   The PTA sponsors 2 dances per school year a Mother Son and A Father Daughter. A Chair & Committee is needed for Mother Son Dance. The dance is held on a Friday night. Chairs for this committee would work with Administration via email to secure a date. They would form a committee with 2-3 other parents. The committee would work together to decorate before the dance, hire or find a volunteer to DJ, manage simple refreshment beverages. In the past the committee booked the Kona Ice Truck.

Fortune 500 Donor List: This committee worked on this list in 2014. They reached out to various businesses on the list to seek donations for Bingo. This committee can be renamed and seek donations from this list as well as from the community both local, regionally or nationally. Many hotels, amusements parks, golf courses, resorts, jewelry stores etc….. are willing to donate to our events. This is great for collecting amazing Bingo or silent auction prizes. The Bingo Blueprint has a huge list of past donors.

Game Club: This chair will organize after school Game Club activities 1 hour a week for 4-6 weeks, twice a year, or however you would like to set it up. In the past one session is run for grades 3-5 and a second for grades 1-2. One session took place in the fall and the other in the spring. The kids play board games provided by the PTA. The chair also shops for a snack (goldfish, pretzels, etc.) and water is served as the club takes place in the media center. 2-3 more parent volunteers are utilized. Student volunteers earning community service hours are welcome in addition to the parent volunteers.

Grocery Cards: This position involves renewing the school with the grocery stores, (Administration may have the secretary complete this part). The chair will get flyer out for grocery card registration (flyer created from last year). The flyer has 2 options: the parents can register the cards themselves online at home or they can fill out the form and they chair will register the cards online. Giving this option can also allow parents to collect card numbers from friends and family. This position can be done from home.

Ice Cream Social/End of year: This chair & committee works with Administration to secure a date. This event is simple and fun. Ice cream is purchased and served to students and families to celebrate the end of the school year. The chair organizes 6-8 volunteers to set up, serve & clean up. The event is usually from 5-6 p.m. on a week night towards the end of the year.

Membership: The chair will touch base with PTA president & treasurer about ordering PTA cards in early summer. The chair seeks volunteers to work the PTA table at Back to School Nights The chair distribute membership forms to all students and teacher/staff. The chair will collect all membership forms and money.   Generally all memberships are in by the end of Oct.  In the past some chairs have run membership contest for the students or classes. This is optional for the chair. This position is busiest in Sept. and Oct. and then may have an occasional need later in the school year.

Fun Run: This fun event serves as the PTA’s main fall fundraiser. The chair and committee decide on a theme, organize the event. Volunteers are needed during the Fun Run to help the vent run smoothly. Dates are chosen and approved by school Administration. The students collect donations from friends and family. The students have a chance to win cool prizes. The day of the Fun Run the students run laps during their specials time. Freedom families are welcome to join in the fun and run laps too, including younger siblings.

Grounds Beautification: In years past the PTA funded and worked on planting flowers in the flagpole circle as well as planting in planters along the sidewalk. Volunteers provided the labor

Hershey Park Ticket Sales: This sale runs in spring, for about 3 weeks. The coordinator contacts Hershey tickets sales to confirm dates, prints flyers, collects and submits order to Hershey. Then a pick up night is held usually alongside Market Day. This position can be done from home.

Hoffy Mascot: These volunteers get the fun job! We would like some parents that are available during mostly during the day. Hoffy usually makes an appearance for 15-20 minutes at the most. Also need volunteers to be the handler of Hoffy. Come on give it a try and scratch it off you bucket list to be a mascot! The smiles on the kids faces are so worth it!

Movie Night: The chair applies for a movie license and chooses a suitable movie. Volunteers are sought, flyers are created and printed as well as email sent home to parents through school emailing system. All communication to parents & students has to get administration approval. Committee will purchase popcorn, lemonade mix, bags & cups. Can use student volunteers, accept up to 5 student volunteers for community service hours, must be 11 or older and sixth grade or higher. Duties would include set up/break down, monitoring hallways, serving popcorn & drinks. PTA does have a popcorn machine, but it will not make enough for entire night, need to pre-make or purchase some premade. Families bring blankets to site on, if they bring chairs they need to set chairs up along walls.

Orioles Ticket Sales: This sale runs in spring, for about 3 weeks. The coordinator contacts Orioles tickets sales to set up sale, prints flyers, collects and submits the order. Then a pick up night is held usually alongside Market Day. This position can be done from home.

Online Student Directory: Currently the directory is compiled and maintained completely online. The directory link is sent out via Connect5 school email. The process is maintained through Parents have a timeframe to register in the directory. The chair will work with school Administration to confirm families entered data is accurate, delete families that have left the school and remove them, verify children has correct homeroom teacher’s assigned and send confirmation and online directory invite emails to parents and staff.

Restaurant Night Coordinator: PTA volunteer contacts local Restaurants and sets up the fundraiser. If the PTA meets it goals on bigger fundraisers then the PTA will be holding a few night this school year and not every month like in years past, maybe every other month. Restaurant night is normally held in the evening during the week. The coordinator also makes a flyer to send home with students as well as thru Connect5. Minimal time is required for this position and work can be done at home. The previous coordinator will train you. This could be an at home position with another volunteer to print flyers at school.

School Supply Kits: This chairperson works as the liaison between the supply kit company and parents who purchase pre-made supply kits which are available prior to the first day of school.  Around February or March, the chairperson contacts the school secretary to get the school supply list for the upcoming school year.   Chairperson then sends this listing to the supply kit company (currently School Tool Box) to get quotes by grade.  Chairperson reviews the quotes by grade for accuracy and signs the agreement. School supply kit company generates flyers which the chairperson distributes by teacher and via school email. Chairperson works with the school supply kit company to determine the best delivery week (typically two weeks prior to school).  Chairperson receives the order at the school and distributes kits to the appropriate classroom.  Typically have been able to get the school supply kits to the classroom’s prior to the open house which is usually the Thursday before the first day of school.

Science Fair: Chair coordinates all activities pertaining to the school’s Science Fair.

Special Magnets: Currently this program is inactive. This chair ensures the special magnets given to students are compiled and printed. The office staff can provide the schedule and numbers of students in each grade.

Spelling Bee: The 4th and 5th grade teachers give a spelling test and they pick the top 20 or so kids from each grade and they are the participants. The chair duties assembly and copy student packets, teachers will distribute them to selected students and their parents sign and return form. You will also collect return forms and establish list of students, and then send review packets home. Chair will work with staff to set date for practice bee and spelling bee (it is usually the first Monday in May) also have to sign up for use of cafeterias for the practice bee and regular bee. Other duties include: order the medal, pins and certificates, compile event program, purchase cookies & drinks( all paid for by PTA)  **Some of these items are completed by the teachers and the same teachers will also take care of some of the duties during the bee – word caller, checker, etc.

Sunshine Committee Chair: This position involves recognizing staff birthdays, special occasions good and bad (like marriage, birth of a child, illness etc…) This position also recognizes secretaries day, nurses day, school bus driver day etc…. All recognition is done with a card to the individuals. This position can be done from home.

Teacher Appreciation Week: Good to have co-chairs and a committee or 4-5. TAW is the first week of May and planning starts 6 weeks prior. Room parents and volunteers are sought by the committee to decorate Staff doors and teacher lounge- need to be decorated the Friday before. A themed Lunch is provided each day for about 60-70 staff. Sign Up Genius (SUG) links are used for parents to sign up for donated dishes for each themed day. Volunteers are used to set up, serve and clean up each day as well.

Teacher Conference Meals Chair & Volunteers: The Chair organizes the meal and the volunteers. The Chari either works on the day of the meal with set up, serving & clean up or they organize volunteers to do so. Volunteers would make dishes for the meal, as well as help set /clean up meal.   Volunteers may also help set up and clean up.

Volunteer Coordinator: The volunteer coordinator primarily works to link volunteers with committees. The coordinator compiles names of potential volunteers & their areas of interest, then links them to the committee chairs. The committee chairs ensure their committee has sufficient volunteers (using the list provided by the coordinator as well seeking volunteers via Connect5 emails, flyers and social media) This position can be done entirely from home. The chair also acts as an information source to the various committees if they have any question. The board is also a resource to help the chair with any answers he/she may not have.

Web Site Admin: Chair in in charge of collecting, posting, and maintaining the PTA website. Can be done from home and chair must understand Word Press, FTP client software, creation of PDF and JPEG files from Word documents. Admin of the web hosting Service required, which includes basic email administration and forwarding.  The website admin also administers the online school student directory via website.

Work Room Manager: Ensures that supplies are available for copying, such as paperclips, pencils, pens, sticky notes, rubber bands, markers, staplers and staples, scissors, glue, tape and copying paper for PTA use and restocks during school year, as needed. Manager purchases approved supplies and should keep receipts to submit for reimbursement by PTA. Work room manager periodically straightens work rooms so they are organized and ready for copiers. This position is best for a volunteer that can come in before, during or just after school

Yearbook: The yearbook chair designs and organizes the yearbook.  The cover is chosen (with help from the 5th grade class) and the chair/committee work to design the entire interior of the book.  We also coordinate with candid photographers.  We collect check payments and enter these orders into the website.  The committee will distribute the yearbook after arrival. 1-2 committee members are needed as well to assist the chair with the various tasks listed above.