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10/06/16 Meeting #2 Minutes

PTA Meeting #2 – Minutes

October 6, 2016

  • Principal Update
    • Made it through the first month of school
    • We are trying to go greener all of the time
    • One of the fifth grade classes is using laptops as a control group.
  • Teacher Update:
    • Mrs. Wonder wanted to know if there was budget money for Project Aces prizes. 
    • This will need to be tabled until the budget is discussed.
  • Board Updates
    • 2016-2017 Budget

§  We have an unexpected shortfall.

§  At this point we need to prioritize budget issues in order to close the gap.

§  Some ideas are holding the budget on the book room for the year, dances, supply closet.

§  Motion to put a hold on the book room budget until the executive board has met and revised the budget.

§  There are many grants out there that we can look into to support programs.   

  • Treasurer Report
    • Disbursement:
  • Volunteer Coordinator update:
    • Sonya:
  • Fundraising
    • Discussed creating a thermometer with goals that can be hung in the hallway to visually display where we are with reaching financial goals for the year
    • Fun Run

§  Beach Theme

§  Skits on the morning announcements prior to the run to promote.

§  October 20 with a rain date one week later. 

§  Raised $15,400.  Think that the total cost will end up around $3000, but final numbers are not in. 

    • Box Tops, Campbell’s, etc. – Rhonda Hatfield and Jen Blevins

§  The contest is running and going well.  We discussed how to track the larger box tops. 

§  Teacher supply closet items arrived. 

·         Volunteer Purchaser – Nicole Murray – 410 -852-5699

o   [email protected]

    • Restaurant Nights – Flyer to go home the day before

§  Will start in October

§  Waiting for Glory Days check from last year

§  Hoppers and Stratosphere


§  October: Chik-fil-a: 10/10

§  November: Tony’s Hibachi: 11/11

§  December: Five Guys: 12/15

§  January:

§  February:

§  March:

§  April:

§  May:

    • Hershey Park Tickets:
    • Buppert’s sales –

§  Rebecca Aiken

·         [email protected]

    • Grocery Store programs:

§  Amount we’ve received so far this year

§  Program has been reregistered

    • Bingo: 4/22
    • Tristar fundraising

§  6 weeks free.  All funds come to the PTA. 

  • Distribution of new funds
    • Book room/eBooks –
    • Behavior Incentive Program
    • Cultural Events-
    • Birthday Books –
    • STEAM Program –

§  Co-chaired by Marcene Trump and Chad Spencer

  • Directory/Website update – Victor Zubar
    • The website continues to look great.
    • MySchool Directory:
  • Social Media/Website content liaison: Jodi Leighton
    • Continue to blast email about upcoming events
  • External Community Coordinator
    • Boy Scout Information:  Eric Leighton
    • Hot Spots: Chelsea

§  They are the before and after school enrichment program

  • Other Business
    • Auditor???
    • Look into consolidating school newsletter with PTA news for next year
    • Funding for specials
  • Specials Funding